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Headlight restoration Optic1 Fairfield County, CT

Headlight Restoration🇺🇸

Lifetime Guarantee  ⦁  Permanent Results

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If you've ever wondered why your headlights have taken on a faded and hazy appearance, it is because of oxidation.  This happens due to the polycarbonate lens of modern headlights being exposed to the sun and ultraviolet rays.  The oem protective coating begins to break down and the lenses develop microscopic cracks when exposed to UV radiation causing "cloudiness"

Headlight restoration Fairfield County, CT Optic1
BMW headlight Optic1 Westchester County, NY

*Restoration over replacement*

💥Restoration is the perfect cost-effective alternative to replacing headlights. Modern headlights can cost upwards of $1,000 each, and a xenon or LED headlight can cost over $2,000. By comparison, headlight restoration is a  more affordable option that provides a permanent solution.  


💥Rather than just a temporary at home DIY kit fix that will last about 2-3 months or what most detailers perform by simply buffing & polishing your headlights (which will get you 6 months at best if they use a ceramic coating), at Optic1 we offer a permanent solution with a lifetime guarantee.   


💥Our 2K UV resistant protective coating specifically for polycarbonate lenses will leave your headlights in a better than oem state and with better protection against salt water, car washes and common environmental conditions.​


💥Our process restores clarity and brightness to yellow, foggy, cloudy, oxidized headlights, with permanent results. Book your appointment today!​

Dull vs. restored headlights performance Optic1 Westchester County, NY
Damaged vs. restored headlight performance Optic1 Putnam County, NY

⦁Our 9 Step Process⦁

Degrease headlights Optic1 Fairfield County, CT


Degrease Headlamp Surface

Polishing headlights Optic1 Fairfield County, CT


Polish Headlamps to Brilliant Shine / Clarity

Wet sanding headlights Optic1 Fairfield County, CT


Wet Sand p800 / p1000   p1500 / p2000


Seal Headlamp with UV Resistant  2K Clear Coat

Buffing headlights Optic1 Fairfield County, CT


Compound Buff Headlamps


Cure UV Coating with Infrared Lamp

2K UV resistant headlight coating Optic1 Fairfield County, CT

⦁Our 2K UV resistant protective coating is 7-8x thicker at 1.8 mils

 than any other coating on the market at only 4-6 microns. ​

⦁Permanent lens surface sealer for restored headlights.

⦁Tough scratch resistant and impact resistant coating.

⦁Produces a water tight seal over the lens surface.

⦁Giving your headlights unparalleled protection.​


⦁Lifetime Guarantee

⦁Without the proper protective coating, headlights will simply 

 yellow again over time.

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